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Royal Cheese (Fast Flowering): The Result of Old School Skunk and Afghani

Cheese is a legendary cannabis plant with origins based in the UK. This marijuana strain originates from Old School Skunk and the indica-dominant Afghani that was rediscovered then developed by a dedicated crew of cannabis growers from London. Finally, they gave birth to a skunk that was so stinky that there seemed no more fitting a name than Cheese.

Since then, the Cheese genetic has spread around the world, winning a Cannabis Cup and reaching near legendary status in the eyes of smokers while doing so. We got a hold of it, feminized it and are proud to present the Royal Cheese feminized seeds.

Royal Cheese Fast Flowering Is Seriously Stinky!

Royal Cheese fast flowering will grow to about 1.5 metres indoors, but will stretch to over 2.5 metres out in the sun. The biggest issue encountered when growing Royal Cheese FF is the smell. This cannabis plant stinks so much that a carbon filter is almost essential indoors, while you'll just have to accept that everyone in the immediate radius will smell it outdoors. Indoors, you're looking at a harvest of about 19.4 oz/m², and outdoors up to 21.2 oz is possible! It likes hot weather though, so grow indoors if you're in a more northerly climate.

Our Royal Cheese fast flowering is seriously fast and can be harvested in just 7–8 weeks of bloom! If you love cheesy flavors, then this harvest time will maximise that pong. If you want the smell to be a little more subtle but the effect a bit more potent, let it mature up to 10 weeks. Different growers enjoy different effects, so it's up to you to decide. As a general rule, 8 weeks should be sufficient.

Fantastic mixed smoke!

The smoke from Cheese is quite simply fantastic. Carrying such a strong, pungent aroma which follows through with a good flavor is one thing. But what makes this marijuana strain so enjoyable is the sheer strength of the stone that you get from every hit of the joint or bong. This combination of stinky smell and knockout stone has ensured that Cheese will be around for a long time to come.

Now with a Faster Flowering time than before!